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1. Information on the owner of the website.


The owner of the website is Victor Glez de Chaves de Otaola (hereafter ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION) with registered address at C/Robayna 17, 38004 Santa Cruz de Tenerife and e-mail contact @ allyouneedproduction.com with CIF number 79070194-N


2. Objective.


By means of this website, ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION offers information on the services which it provides.


3. Terms.


The use of this website attributes the condition of user of the website (hereafter “user”) and implies full unreserved acceptance of all and any of the conditions included in this legal notice, in the version published by ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION at the same moment that the user logs onto the website.


The use is obliged to use the website, its contents and services in accordance with law and this legal notice.  To this effect, the user must abstain from using any of the services for any purposes which may be considered illegal, prohibited or damaged to the rights and interests of third parties.


4. Exemption from responsibility as to content.


ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION cannot guarantee the inexistence of errors in the access to the website, in its content nor that the services are duly updated, although all efforts are made to avoid and/or correct them as fast as possible as and when such errors may be pointed out.


ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION does not accept any liability for the content, information or images which are not related to its website, which are not managed by ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION nor any damages which may be derived by the knowledge of unauthorized third parties of data pertaining to the user and the use which is made of the website through such data, without prejudice that it complies with current law.


ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION is not liable for any information, opinions and ideas which may be emitted, published or distributed over the website, any other interconnected website which is accessed through ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION by links or any of the services which are related to this interconnected webpage.  In this respect, once links are activated, ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION has no control over the content of other websites.


ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION is not liable for content which appears in banners, buttons and other third party publicity elements which may be included.


Nonetheless, in the event that the user should detect that any of the content mentioned in this section could be illegal or that they are damaging the assets or rights of a third party, he may advise ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION of the same by sending an e-mail to the e-mail which is detailed above.


5.- Exemption from responsibility for the use and function of the website.


Responsibility for the use of the information contained on the website falls on the user.  ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION is free from any liability for damages of any nature which may arise from the access to, catchment and use by third parties of the information contained on the web.


ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION provides its services and content constantly with all the technological wherewithal within its reach to provides these services satisfactorily.  ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION is not liable for any damages which may arise from the availability and technical continuity of the function of the website.  In any event ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION will do everything necessary to re-establish services in the event of technical problems.


6.- Intellectual Property Rights.


The entire website:  text, images, buttons, software archives, colour combination, and structure, selection, order and presentation of its content is protected by Spanish and international law in respect of intellectual property.


In no event does permitting access to the website imply any type of renunciation, transfer or assignment of all or part of the rights acquired under Spanish and international law in respect of intellectual property.  As such, any copying (except downloading from the web to the hard drive of the user´s computer or to the server´s proxy), use, distribution, reuse, operation, making second copies, sending by e-mail, transmission, modification, assignment or any other act undertaken in relation to part of the whole of the information contained on the website which has not been expressly authorised by the owner of the rights of operation are strictly forbidden.


ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION is the owner of the intellectual property rights or holds the necessary licences of use of all the elements which configure the website for its use and operation through the same.


In the event of links to other sites, the user must take into account what is established by the authors or the platforms through which they are offered in relation to intellectual property rights.


7.- Industrial Property Rights


All brands, logos, internet addresses, product brands or models, which refer to the services of ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION, are protected by current law.  The list of brands is not conclusive.  The absence of any brand-name in these Website does not imply any lack of protection.


The use of ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION symbols and brands and especially any changes thereto, is expressly forbidden, unless there is prior written consent on the part of ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION or that permission exists for legal reasons (unrelated to the brand).


The use without prior consent, of any ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION element which is protected in accordance with current legislation in relation to industrial property is strictly forbidden.  In particular, brands, commercial names, company signs, brand-names, logos and slogans belonging to ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION o any business within their group may not be used.


8.- Reservation of Rights


ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION hereby reserves the right to any action in law which may be required for any infraction which users may commit.  It will also use all and any legal means required to claim damages under current law.  All costs for claims which have been suffered by users and which have had to be underwritten by ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION will be duly reclaimed.


9.- Cookies


Access to this website includes the use of cookies.  See “Cookies Policy”.


10.- Data Protection


Should a user send an e-mail to the address indicated in Section 1 of this Legal Notice, ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION as the responsible entity, will inform that his data is required in order to be able to respond to the enquiry and understands that the legal basis for the use of such data is the consent given by sending the e-mail.  The data will be kept for the period required to attend to any such responsibility derived from the use of his data o derived from the enquiry.  The data will not be given to third parties.

In the case, you subscribe to our newsletter, we will send you information of the services and promotional campaigns related to our production services. The legal base for the data treatment will be the consent. We will conserve your data indefinitely until you state your opposition.

Any person has the right to obtain confirmation as to whether the party responsible for the use is using personal data which concerns him/her and to request the right of access to the same or the right to portability, and to request their rectification if inexact or the suppression of the same when, amongst other reasons, they are not necessary for the ends to which they were compiled.


Thereto, under certain circumstances, limitation of the use of personal data can be requested, in which case it will only be kept for the purposes of claims.


Users who wish to exercise these rights before ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION should send an e-mail to contact @ allyouneedproduction.com.


Users are reminded that they have the right to present a claim to the competent control authority or if they wish obtain more information about their rights to data protection.  In Spain the control authority is the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.  They can get in touch with this agency through their website www.agpd.es.


11.- Duration


ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION retains the right to unilaterally modify the terms and conditions hereby stipulated, either totally or partially.  The temporal validity of this legal notice coincides with the duration of publication of this site, until modified either totally or partially by ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION.


ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION may unilaterally finalise, suspend or interrupt the operation of this website, with no possibility of damage claim by any user.


12.- Legislation and Jurisdiction


The user and ALL YOU NEED PRODUCTION are bound, expressly renouncing the law in their own country, as far as legislation may permit, to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spanish law being applicable at all times.