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Policy for Cookies.


1. What is a Cookie?


A cookie is a file sent to a browser by a web-server which is kept in the equipment of the user to register its activity whilst browsing a website.  Thanks to cookies the preferences of the user are memorised to improve the experience when visiting the same page again, together with the selected language, access data o personalization of the page.  In addition, through cookies information can be registered about how a user uses the web.


2. Why use Cookies?


Access to the web involves the installation of third-party cookies in the equipment of the user, which entails their installation and management by third parties.  The cookies which are installed are the following:


a. Complementary Cookies for Social Networking. These cookies allow information to be compiled which is linked to the interaction of the user on the social networks which he uses.  These cookies are installed and managed by AddThis Inc to facilitate the user initiating a session on a social network and to be able to share whatever information on our webpage that he wishes, and in addition to analyse the use of the social network buttons on the website.  For more information visit www.addthis.com and look at the section relating to Privacy.


b. Analytical Cookies. Analytical cookies compile information from the visits received, the information consulted, the most-viewed products, i.e. the use of the website to evaluate it and analyse all the data relative to the same for statistical purposes and to improve the function of the website.  Analysis of the web is the method, compilation, analysis and creation of reports on Internet data with the object of understanding and optimizing the use of the website.  These cookies are installed and managed by Google Inc. to offer statistical information on the use of the website.  For more information see www.google.com/analytics/terms/es.html.


c. Tracing and Personalization Cookies.  These cookies respond to the inclusion of videos on the website and their purpose is to follow the activity of the user with regard to the video logged onto the web or storage of the browsing preferences of the user.  These cookies are installed and managed by Youtube LLC, an affiliate of Google Inc. and more information can be obtained at www.google.es/intl/es/policies/privacy.


d. Facebook Cookies, which try to avoid the user seeing the same advertisements in the different browsers which he uses.  For more information see www.facebook.com/policies/cookies.


The use of cookies requires your consent.  As such, in accordance with the information supplied you must indicate your consent or no to the installation of the cookies when you first start browsing the web, clicking on the corresponding button which appears at the top of the page.  Nonetheless, in the event that you do not do anything and continue browsing on the site, it is understood that you permit the use of cookies.

3. How to deactivate or eliminate Cookies?


Users can at any time select which cookies they want to work on the web by means of configuration in your favourite browser.  These settings are normally found in “Options” or “Preferences” on your browser menu.


These are the steps which you must take to get into cookie configuration and, should it be necessary, into the private browser of the major browsers.


Internet Explorer.

Tools – Internet Options – Privacy – Configuration
For more information, you can consult with Microsoft support or the browser Help-page.


Tools – Options – Privacy – History – Personalized Configuration
For more information, you can consult with  Mozilla support or the browser Help-page.



Configuration – Show advanced options – Privacy – Content Configuration
For more information, you can consult with Google support or the browser Help-page.



Preferences – Security.  For more information you can consult with Apple support or the browser Help-page.

If you block or impede the installation of cookies on any site, it is possible that a rejection cookie may be installed so that the deactivation selector functions.


4. Updating and/or modification of Cookie Policy.


All you need production reserves the right to modify this present policy as a consequence of a change in law, or company policy.


The term of validity of this Cookie Policy is therefore the same as the time it remains on screen, until the time it may be totally or partially modified by All you need production. As such, users should revise the cookie Policy published on the web, except if you have configured your browser in accordance with your preferences.